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Without question would have used Locker Room Talk. It would have probably been one of the most valuable tools that I could have had. If you want to know what these coaches are really like then I think this is the best tool out there. I’m really glad you are allowing recruits to have a resource like this moving forward.

If you have something that’s going to spell [the recruiting process] out for you... it’s so valuable. I think what everyone at Locker Room Talk is doing to spread the word and help advocate and educate athletes on the recruitment process is incredible.

Locker Room Talk helped me gain the confidence and knowledge to get in touch with college coaches. I was unsure how and where to start my recruiting process, but LRT helped me find direction with navigating my recruiting process, which lead to offers by multiple college tennis programs and an overall stress free experience.

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Locker Room Talk is here to keep the college recruiting process honest and easy by providing first hand information about coaches, schools and the recruiting process. Let us help you find the right fit.

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