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Locker Room Talk is a platform that aims to keep the college recruiting process honest & easy. We help provide high school athletes and their families with invaluable information during the recruiting process. Locker Room Talk receives anonymous ratings on college coaches from current and former collegiate athletes. This provides transparency throughout the recruiting process and empowers college student athletes by giving them a voice. We also offer seminars, workshops and consulting to high school student-athletes across the country.

Our Team

  • Keirsten
    Keirsten Sires
    Keirsten is the CEO & Co-founder of Locker Room Talk. Being the chief executive officer of Locker Room Talk means that Keirsten is the one held accountable for the success of the company’s efforts, across the board. She is also our Chief Amusement Officer; she promotes laughter in our business, eye roll. Playing varsity tennis and soccer for Skidmore College in New York has given her the endurance to be able to push the company to the next level day in and day out.
  • Tara
    Tara Sires
    Tara Sires is the COO of Locker Room Talk and is just here so she won’t get fined. Yeah, she played volleyball back in the day, so what?
  • Annie
    Annie Weis
    Annie Weis is the Sales & Marketing Operations Coordinator at Locker Room Talk. She is in charge of running (not jogging) Locker Room Talk’s strategic marketing operations for the company. Annie also manages the interns and operates our outreach program and creates sales expectations from the company’s promotional agencies. She has been with the company from day one and has plenty of endurance due to her training in field hockey, which she played at Skidmore College.
  • Paul
    Paul Stengel
    Paul Stengel is the Chief Technology Officer at Locker Room Talk. While others were playing sports and going through the college recruiting process, Paul had his head buried in Linux servers and computer code. He has been in the web hosting business for the last 13+ years and currently heads all things technical at Locker Room Talk.
  • Nick
    Nick Petrella
    Nick Petrella is a Co-founder. Nick was a member of the baseball team at Skidmore College, where he graduated in 2015, this is also where Locker Room Talk was born. Nick heads our FB live events, campaigns for coach ratings and gathers coach information. Away from LRT, he is either watching game shows or his beloved Jets, Islanders, and Yankees.

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